Learn about the best image sizes to use in your MarketPlace listings including cover, logo and more!
Learn how easy it is to manage your media, change specific media positions within a Listing and more!
Learn how to get the most out of your Manage MarketPlace Media section of your MarketPlace listings!
Learn to manage reviews in the MarketPlace. Although you will not be able to simply delete reviews, there are many tools available to responding and engaging with the community! 
Learn how easy it is to Claim a Business that you are the owner or representative of by completing these quick steps.  Once the College Living Team reviews the information we will be in touch shortly!
Quickly learn how to create a listing to be published on the College MarketPlace. It only takes a few minutes and you will have a public listing in the fastest growing college network! 
Learn why we hide your personal contact information in your "Sell Back" listing to anyone that is not a registered college student! This includes registered Businesses, Universities and Bloggers. 
​Learn which profile types have access to view, create, review and comment in the College Living MarketPlace! Access is free for all registered members and your permissions are based only on the free membership type you registered as.​The College MarketPlace provides our student, business and university members to connect in a whole new way at absolutely no cost to anyone! Based on your registration type (College Student, Business, etc.) you will have access to post in categories that allow you to connect to the community in meaningful ways. 
​Learn how to quickly add multiple locations in your free MarketPlace listing! Simply follow these quick steps and it will display a Google Maps link instantly when the visitors clicks the "See More Locations" button. It's a great solution for mobile and web devices while also providing an easy solution that you will never have to update again!



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